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Bubba's 4th Birthday: Who said he'd never make it?

Can you believe it? The kid's 4. The way he runs his head into things (walls, floors, tables, counters, playground equipment, other human beings, etc.), it's often difficult to fathom that he'd actually make it this far...but he has. This year, the party consisted, mainly, of letting the kids run roughshod over the playroom. Here, we see Matt's friends, Jonathan, Justin, Davey and DJ hamming it up for the camera. Here, Matt, Nicholas, Heather (Nicholas' mom) watch Blue's Clues, while Jonathan decides on his dueling challenge. Harley, DJ, Davey, Justin, Jonathan and Matt finally sit down to eat. "Aunt" Jen presents the birthday cake, featuring...who else? Thomas the Tank Engine!!! Matt poses, proudly, after having blown out the candle. Everyone looks on as Matt opens a gift. A shot of another gift. Our favorite "rugrat" proudly holds up another gift.

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Love those photos! Thanks so much for keeping us updated.

amazing how big he gets everytime we see hin keep the photo's coming

Gettin' bigger n Burger every time I see him!

Thanks for the e-mail, forgot about the site.

Okay, so just when did that little baby turn into a little man? It does not seem like it has been 4 years already!!! Don't you all think maybe it is time to get him a baby brother or sister? :)

Thanks for the updates!!!

Okay. The kids are not -supposed- to grow up...

Been entirely too long since I've seen the "little guy". He's not so little anymore...


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