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California, 2001...Bubba invades Disneyland!

In December, 2001, we decided to go to California for 10 days, staying through Xmas, and getting home on the 30th...just in time to get a few hours sleep before New Year's Eve. We spent our first night at Tammy's parents, then went up to Anaheim to go Disneyland. We milled about near the entrance for a while. The first ride that Bubba went on was with Mommy, racing a car...you can almost see them in the red car. After the race, Matt wanted to drive solo, for a while: Solo Driving 1
Solo Driving 2
Matt, being heavily into anything Toy Story, got to see the Buzz Lightyear show: Buzz show 1
Buzz show 2
Buzz show 3
Buzz show 4
Buzz show 5
Buzz Show 6 Here, we have a picture of Cinderella's Castle. Here's a quick family picture. Bubba and Daddy took a ride in a fancy new car, in Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland 1
Tomorrowland 2
Tomorrowland 3 Later, we took a ride through the "It's a Small, Small World" ride: Small World 1
Small World 2
Small World 3
Small World 4
Small World 5
Small World 6
Small World 7 Later, Bubba and Daddy were jailed. Luckily, they were able to make their big escape.

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I have the pleasure of sharing your moments in "Bubba invades Disneyland!", and keeping the pictures as momento. I wish had more time to go through your cheery web page.

Best Wishes to Bubba, too. [Btw, `Bubba' in local perlance here means indeed `Going around for an outing with the Kid'.]



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