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In case you didn't know...Bubba likes Florida

(A couple of the pictures in this entry are rotated sideways...sorry. I'll fix them when I get back to Indy. Until then, enjoy) In April of 2002, we went to Florida. Uncle Ben's mother-in-law...Aunt Cheryl...has a very, very nice house, about 45 minutes away from Orlando, in which she let us stay. Grandma and Grandpa Eckman also made the trip, staying with us for a couple of days before going on to take a cruise...so, we all decided to go to Disney World. While we were at it, we gave Mellisa a call, to see if she'd like to meet us there. As we completed our morning routine, Matt decided that sliding shower doors can be fun. (Sorry...this picture is sideways) As would be expected, the trams were rather full, so we let Bubba go on ahead with Grandma and Grandpa in the first tram. After the tram ride(s), we waited in line to get onto the monorail. Bubba looked strained, wanting to move along, already. Finally, it happened...Matt got to meet Mickey Mouse (Sorry...this picture is sideways). The two new friends chilled for a second, before we moved along. We finally caught up with Melissa and Arin, and then Matt and Arin took a carousel ride. It was a pretty warm day, so Bubba sought out a little bit of shade inside this house. A littel bit later, we took in the Share a Dream Come True Parade. We saw Mickey, dancing brooms , Pinocchio's Honest John, and Pinocchio, himself, with Snow White following closely behind. Following them were Geppetto and the donkey boys. Then, it looked like Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore were looking for Winnie the Pooh. Of course, it didn't take long for Pooh to catch up to them. Captain Hook, currently one of Matt's favorite Disney characters, was still looking for Peter Pan, who was hanging out with Goofy and Donald Duck. Later, Matt met up with a bear. The bear invited Matt and Arin to hang out and inside a pumpkin house, before we eventually called it a day. Bubba decided to wear his Mickey Ears while eating breakfast, the next morning. During one of our drives, Matt spotted the ocean...this was followed, incessantly, by "I wanna go to beach!" So, we decided to go to the beach. Of course, Bubbas have sensitive skin, so it was important to make sure that Daddy apply sunblock before Bubba could play on the beach. Bubba thought it was funny to have green arms. Matt really marvelled as the waves rushed in and out. He could have just sat and watched all day. Eventually, though, he thought it would be fun to play as the waves crashed in and rushed back out again. Finally, Matt had made his way a little too far down the beach, and Daddy had to beckon the boy closer, whereupon Matt lay down on his belly, and let the water run over him, some more. When all was said and done, Mommy desanded our boy, before we left the beach behind. Back home in PA, Matt told his friend Siobhan all about his trip. I think she might want to go, next time.

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