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Finster!!! Oh Finster, baby!!!

Yesterday, Uncle Isaac and Aunt Shannon went back to NJ, fresh off of 1 week visit to see Bubba.
Bubba and Uncle Isaac were really happy to see each other: While Uncle Isaac and Aunt Shannon were here, we went to the State Fair: Having seen an exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, one of Bubba's new passions is the Titanic. When he saw this, he just had to go: Isaac and Shannon went riding on this ride:
Matt just had to take a helicopter rice, while he was there. His friend, Miriya, did, too...though she was accompanied by a young gentleman:
Before the end, we went through an exhibit that demonstrated a day on the farm. Bubba was ready to go till the fields:

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Hey, thanks for the updates! We just got back from vacation ourselves and I'm going to post our stuff soon. Nice to see you guys having a great time, and wish we could come & visit.


You should really think about resizing your images with photoshop/gimp/whatever suits your fancy, rather than using the image SIZE attribute to make a 1280x960 picture into a 320x240 one. It will make your page load about a million times faster and also decrease the amount of bandwidth your provider needs to give you.

Just a few wise words.

(Ed note, 10-24-04: I took it one step further...after upgrading my desktop, the file browser app under KDE had an "image gallery" tool, which automatically creates thumbnails. So, what I've done is use that, instead.

That way, I could set this page...as I'm doing with many others, along the way...to load those thumbnails, initially, and if you click on them, you'll then get the larger pictures on your screen. Thanks for the input, Adam.)


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