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Welcome, Baxter!!!

On Monday, October 20, 2003, we picked up an 11 week old Beagle puppy, which we named Baxter.
As you might guess, Bubba absolutely adores Baxter. Baxter's got a really rough life, as you can see, here:
He's got a number of tickle spots, one of which is right in the middle of his chest: Personally, I don't think he likes me, very much:
Unfortunately, Shlomo and Shadow haven't really taken to Baxter, just yet. Shlomo will let the pup be, until Baxter starts talking to him and trying to get him to play. This usually results in a "hiss-y" fit on Shlomo's part. Shadow usually growls at Baxter whenever he gets close. Don't let these pictures fool you...it's a rare moment when Shadow lets Baxter within a foot of her:
Personally, I think she's starting to soften up. ;-)

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Mike, I always knew that you went to the dogs. Baxter is very cute and don't worry after the puppy stage shadow and Baxter will be great buddies. I saw that with Zinfandel and Katie.

I don't know if anybody told you but we had to put Zinfandel down in July.

How is the family? All doing well I hope. Say hello to Laurie for me. And if you talk to Lynda tell her we miss her alot and love her. Love Mom A.

Too cute!!! What an adorable pup you've got there. Good luck w/the potty training. Hope Baxter likes lots of ear-pulling from Bubba :)


So tell me which one is the dog and which one is baxter.... ha ha ha just kidding. Baxter is cute and tell laurie not to leave him out so much so she won't have warm wet legs. love to the family.


Uncle Ben and Aunt Vicki


Your Baxter looks just like ours!


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