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Five years...and counting...

Amazingly enough, Matt's made it past his 5th birthday. We held a joint birthday party for Matt and his friend Davey.
Several of Davey and Matt's friends were there: During all the commotion, Matt managed to seek out Daddy for a quick hug: Both Davey and Matt's mothers worked really hard on the cake and the favors...which were a big hit with everyone ogling them:
Next up, relay races!
Next, it was pinata time!!! We had two of them...one for the little'uns. The idea was to pull on ribbons until it opened. The contents were, of course, a bigh hit:
Next was the pinata for those 5 and up. Kudos go out to Bear (Jim) for bravely holding the pinata in the face of bat wielding children:
After things settled down a bit, the Moms brought out cakes, replete with candles, whereupon we were coaxed into a round of "Happy Birthday" and the boys blew out their candles:
Next up..."Present time!!!"
Lastly, Chris presented the boys with their last present...Teresa!!!

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