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Daddy's chickens have come home to roost.

When Dad was a kid, Grandma and Grandpa used to give him cheese or bologna and cheese sandwiches for lunch.

As a kid, Dad wasn't particular fond of bologna, and did not like those "individually wrapped processed cheese food" slices at all, so, more ofthen than not, Dad would hide those sandwiches.  They'd wind up behind the refrigerator or under the basement steps.

Well, today, Dad got his just desserts.

It seems that, like Dad and the cheese sandwiches, Bubba is not particularly fond of those kids' chewable vitamins.

While the cleaners were here, working on the kitchen, one of them found 5 of Bubba's chewable vitamins hidden at the bottom of the cart on which we keep the paper plates, plasticware, etc.

Guess that now Dad knows how Grandma and Grandpa felt, eh?

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