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Attention, motorists (or "A PSA from a cyclist")

This afternoon, I saw a post on Facebook, from a friend of mine, which read:

"Hey bicycle dude, if you can't do the speed limit (35mph)... Don't get all bitchy when no one wants to follow you doing 10mph."

As we both live in Indiana...and, in fact, in the same town, I felt compelled to respond:

As a "bicycle dude", myself, I'll remind folks that we are considered vehicles per Indiana motor vehicle code. As such, cyclists are entitled to all of the same privileges and bound by the same laws and rules as other vehicle operators IC 9-21-1, IC 9-21-8, IC 9-21-11

Cyclists are entitled to take the entire lane. Most stay "as close to the right shoulder as is practical" to allow room for motorists.

Cyclists are entitled to ride two abreast. Large groups will often do so, rather than ride in single file. This provides additional safety because:

  • It makes the group of cyclists more visible.
  • It cuts the distance and time needed for a motor vehicle to pass the cycling group by a significant amount.

As the overtaking vehicle, the automobile driver is legally obligated to wait to pass the slower vehicle (in this case, a bicycle) until passing that slower vehicle can be done safely and legally.

In the confines of Indianapolis, the motorist must leave a minimum of 3 feet of space between their vehicle and the cyclist. Similar legislation is being considered for statewide implementation.

I am, by no means, excusing those cyclists who do not obey the law, blow through signals and signs, don't use proper hand signals to let folks know if they're going to change lanes, make turns, etc...of course, if I didn't feel like my wife and I were the only drivers in this state that actually used turn signals on our cars...but I digress.

We're all using the roads, folks...none of us, by any stretch, own them, nor are any of us entitled to anything more than anyone else on the roads. We all need to follow the rules of the road and we all need to display the appropriate level of courtesy and common sense when dealing with each other on the roads, regardless of the type of vehicle that we're operating.

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