p1000001 Dad's work...clearing the high end of the driveway p1000002 Nichole's done some tuchas busting of her own p1000003 Whose idea was this, anyhow? p1000004 Oy! p1000005 Doesn't this look like fun? p1000006 Any higher, and my windows might be blocked p1000007 The piles are growing p1000008 Where's my deck?!?!? p1000009 Where's my yard?!?!? p1000010 Well, at least we can see part of the hot tub.  Too bad we can't use it, at the moment. p1000011 Beagle nose at work. p1000012 Yum!!!  Snow. p1000013 What can I find in here? p1000014 A faceful of snow, apparently.

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